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The Raft-Up Party Packages

The Raft-Up Party Package

Experience the ultimate fusion of partying and sailing on the majestic waters of Lake Ontario with our Raft-Up Party experience. This unique event involves utilizing multiple yachts for the voyage, allowing for an unforgettable gathering of up to 160 guests across six separate groups. At Toronto Yachts, we can accommodate Raft-Up parties with 2 to 6 yachts, ensuring ample space and excitement for everyone involved.

During the cruise, the yachts sail side by side in formation, offering picturesque views of the Toronto skyline and waterfront. After approximately 35-45 minutes, we anchor the yachts and connect them, creating a seamless transition between vessels with less than 10 inches of space between them. This setup allows guests to easily move between yachts, mingling and enjoying the festivities with friends and fellow partygoers.

Our Raft-Up Party experience is perfect for various occasions, including corporate team-building events and bachelor or bachelorette parties. It provides a unique opportunity for groups to come together while still allowing for initial separation, ideal for those who wish to designate male and female areas at the beginning of the event.

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to combine the thrill of sailing with the excitement of a lively celebration. Book your Raft-Up Party with Toronto Yachts today and embark on an adventure you’ll never forget!

What's Included:

  • Two yachts available: one single-floor cruiser-style vessel and one double-decker yacht, accommodating up to 24 guests each.
  • Two professionally trained captains, certified by Transport Canada, and authorized to act as onboard Chief Engineers.
  • A minimum of two trained and attentive yacht attendants to cater to your needs.
  • Temperature-controlled indoor cabin and three toilets for your comfort and convenience.
  • Bluetooth-enabled sound system for entertainment throughout the voyage.
  • Complimentary water and ice provided for all guests’ refreshment needs.