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Yacht Management Services


Hassle-free Ownership

We offer a hassle-free yacht management service, where you can enjoy the benefits of yacht ownership, while we manage all the aspects associated with it; such as providing qualified captains, servers, maintenance control and management, mooring etc.

Recoup of Investment

Furthermore, owners may elect to also enroll their yacht into our commercial charter program to offset some of the ownership costs and to also generate a return on their investment.

Captain Services

All of our Captains at Toronto Yacht have gone through extensive examination and testing by Transport Canada and are dual qualified and approved by Transport Canada as both Chief Engineer and Master Captain with Limited Master Mariner Licence < 60 Tons. We select and hire a majority of captains from major airlines, as we have found experienced jet airline pilots to have the right mindset and discipline for the job. Other training that our Master Captains undergo includes Marine Emergency and Passenger Handling, Marine CPR/First Aid, VHF Radio Licence Competency, etc. We run a full police background check on all of our staff and we require them to hold a valid Transport Canada approved Class 1 Medical Certificate to ensure their physical fitness.

Sea Attendant (Hosts and Hostesses)

All of our Sea Attendants are holders of Smart Serve who have gone through extensive customer service training to ensure the highest level of hospitality to our owners and guests. Our Sea Attendants are also fully trained to act as the yacht’s Chief Mate assisting the Master Captain with all other operational requirements, such as anchoring, tying off the ropes, and yacht watchkeeping. In order to maintain such levels of safety and hospitality for our clients and owners, we run an extremely strict selection and training process where only the finest of applicants manage to complete the training program satisfactorily. Our Sea- Attendant selection program requires a drug and fitness test as a part of safekeeping the owner’s yacht and ensuring a safe operation.

Maintenance Control

In addition to our Captains who also act as Chief Engineers, We have qualified mechanics and engineers on staff who can provide 24/7 support for our commercial and private operations to ensure your vessel’s continuous dispatch reliability. We also implement and execute a Preventive Maintenance Program in consultation with your yacht manufacturer to ensure the longevity of your vessel’s hull, equipment, and engines.

Cleaning Services

As a part of our management services, we offer weekly cleaning of your yacht using extensively trained staff who are solely trained to care for your yacht’s interior and exterior so that yachts are always kept in pristine condition.

Mooring Services

We will arrange and execute a mooring lease agreement for your yacht, on your behalf in any of the government or private marinas in the GTA, subject to space availability.

Private Aircraft Access

Our management at Toronto Yachts has been running an Aircraft Charter business for more than a decade. With the use of our sister company, Presidential Air, we also offer priority 24/7 access to a 10-seater private Aircraft to our owners at cost, where they can be dropped off at the Billy Bishop Airport directly from their yacht to enjoy dinner in New York or any other close destination.